Thank you for choosing CHATS by C.Dam. We hope you’ll get the best experiences when shopping on our website. We have conferred your privacy. Please use the following information to comprehend the duties we regard to ensure the securities of our customers. If you do not agree with these policies, you should not use our services.

Privacy Policy page will show you how we get, use (in necessary cases) and uncover your personal details. By the way, we also help you know our procedures to keep our customer’s information in secure. Last but not least, our policy will clarify your decision with respect to the gathering, use, and revelation of your own data.

Using the secure method to protect clients’ information to get your trust is really important with us. Therefore, the regulations of the privacy policy will be always applied when we utilize your name and your other data. We only get the important data to make convenient for our transactions.

We will keep client personal information in the regulations of law or for any reason. You can get to our site and search without giving individual information. Around then, you are unknown and we can’t know who you are weather you don’t log in to your account.


Register to be a member of CHATS by C.Dam is the only way to fully use our services. After registration, you chose to share your information with us. We will gather other information when you need to make an order on CHATS by C.Dam website.

We get, save and handle your information to complete your purchase and to contact you to provide advancing services. When you choose to use these additional features, we may require you to provide additional personal information including title, name and gender, date of birth, email address, delivery address, phone contact, fax, payment method, payment card or bank account details.

We will utilize your data to submit to an order and reply all your request via website. Moreover, we will collect this information to control your CHATS by C.Dam account; check and make online purchases, manage data input from the web; to enhance our service quality for giving satisfaction to clients; to identify all users and extend services by sending to a customer more deals information. In cases you want to reject the marketing email from us, please confuse it at any time.

We also give your name and shipping address to transportation services.

The online payment process will be run by PAYPAL. Please give us all your exact information and inform us for any change as soon as possible.

Your order history will be saved, but we can’t share it publicly for privacy reason. Nevertheless, when you sign in to your account, you also can check it on our website. You can see all about your order history and the data of email, bank details that you have subscribed since you joined with us. You must be focused on securing individual information and don’t share it with another party. We won’t be a charge of any liability for unmatched of a password as that is not our fault.


For necessary situations, we will get your own information for marketing surveying, which will be hidden and used only for a statistical purpose. You can decline to get access at any time. Any responses to overviews or surveys won’t be transferred to any third party. If you are interested in our project, just give us your email address. The answer will be separate clearly from your email.

You will also receive information about us, products, deals, news or related business partners. If you decline to get it, please click the link to reject to receive an email from us. Within 07 days from accepting your request, we will stop sending an email to you. If it is not clear, we will get in touch with you.

We may also collect information about how you interact with our services, such as how frequently certain areas of our website are visited, which products are reviewed and selected and other site navigation data and patterns. This measure helps us to understand your interests and which aspects of our services you find interesting.

We will keep in privacy our client information on the site and will utilize it for a wide range of suitable purposes. However, this data will not be able to recognize people.


Whenever a big deal or a contest begin, we will inform directly to our member and also share information about the winners and give some offer for advancing services. You can join it and control all information.


We may give your data to third parties logistics. For example, we get transportation services to shipping, receive the total amount, etc… We may exchange data with another third party for preventing the trading fraud and reducing the credit risks. In the privacy policy framework, we will not reveal your personal details to any party without getting your confirmation in advance or we are required to do as such under the terms of the law. Our website may include the advertisement our partners or also have a link to connect to different destinations. Please note that we don’t take responsibility for third parties data security or any outsider to which we exchange information to fit Privacy Policy.

CHATS by C.Dam and third party suppliers including Google can use the cookies of Google Analytics or another third party (such as DoubleClick) to collect data, optimize and use for promotion goals based on how many times of the client’s visit previously.

If you connect to our services from a social networking site (Facebook, Instagram,…) or if you really agree to associate your CHATS by C.Dam account with a social networking account, we must know that your personal information from such social network site will be collected for the terms of use and privacy policy of these site. For example, facebook may share with us your friend list, birthday, information about the interests of you or your friends or other personal information, in order to help us establish your account, tailor the services to you and find other current or potential Service users that you know. We may add this information to the information we have already collected from you via other aspects of the services.


We decide to get reasonable technical and management practices to help protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of data stored of our customers. We always have suitable measures to prevent all of illegal access, loss or damage to your data. When we’re gathering your information on the web, we do on a protected server devices. We can also add a firewall to the server. As taking electronic payment card information, we utilize Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL). When we can’t ensure 100% security, SSL will help us to protect your data reduce the likelihood of security problems to a level appropriate to the type of data involved. You shouldn’t send full of information of your payment cards without being encrypted to us. We also maintain the physical and electronic protective methods and link to procedures of getting, storing and handling customer information. For essential situations, we might require the verification before revealing your individual information.

We also require you to enter a password to access your account. We recommend that you not disclose your password to unauthorized people. Please do not give any point of your payment data details to anybody via email or internet, for any troubles of this case, we will not be a charge of any liability.

We recommend that you should not interfere to change data structures by using any projects, devices. All activities of distributing or encouraging to enter illegally or destroy our data will be strictly prohibited. All infringement will be stripped of all rights or facing to be accused under the law for necessary.

All transaction data will be kept in secret except for the law agency requires.We only keep customer data within time of the requirement of law or for the purpose of using these information. Member’s personal data will be stored until receiving your request for cancellation or you can login to your account and do it by yourself.

CHATS by C.Dam website conditions, terms, and information are managed by Vietnamese Law and Vietnam court to be adjudged.


Every process to access to your personal information, to request to provide services or to leave a feedback about our errors on our website is absolutely complementary. You also can ask us to stop using your personal details for any purposes.

At any time, you are allowed to log into your account and update your personal information at “My Account” section and CHATS by C.Dam system will automatically stored your information in order to enhance service quality.

Customer can have opportunities to get more enjoyable, convenient shopping experience and access to our products with the best services qualities.

You also can join to our marketing research to solve all your wonders about privacy policy to help us identify others who may be interested in our services.

Moreover, clients can be served many advertisements for fitting with your interests or supporting you when you access to other websites, mobile applications or social media networks.

If you are CHATS by C.Dam’s member, please note that your friends and contacts may still choose to send email invitations to you, you may also choose not to receive such invitations by changing your preferences as indicated above. We will take commercially reasonable steps to implement your requests promptly. While we make efforts to accommodate requests to restrict our use of your information, we reserve the right to delete all or any portion of customer information if we are not able to reasonably accommodate a requested restriction.


We will not collect any children personal information without acceptance of their parents. You just can get our services when you’re at least 18-year-olds.

Parents ought to be mindful that there are parental control tools accessible online for using to keep your kids can’t submit their information online without parental permission.


Our privacy policy will not be changed without informing directly on our website and repost the revised terms here for convenient for you to know what information decide to change for advancing service qualities.

For further information, please contact us at: