In a summer daze, the CHATS woman settles herself upon the setting horizon, between the sea and the skies. There, she finds herself diving into the femininity within and its intellect, where independent strength meets with supple emotions. Between the poles, Figure discovers multi-dimensionality within the female mind. Sharp tailored lines speaking of freedom; soft storied pleats following the form speaking of intuition. These elements go hand in hand with our signature approach to deconstruction, subverting the conception of garments. All of these details are then painted in contrasting shades of black and white, with muted tones of chartreuse, olive, and grey, perfecting the depiction of the collection. Figure derived from the inner strength of each woman, first introduced at ELLE Fashion Show 2023. The release is developed from the initial release, deepening its philosophy into the innermost values, revealing a new conception of multi-dimensional femininity.